This morning I am happy for what I accomplished this past September and the journey this one goal really sent me on. My health and body have NEVER been better. I no longer “need” coffee to function or start my day and my body no longer hurts (unless I’ve had a really good workout 😉). I’m excited to keep going on this journey and look forward to more victories both scale and non-scale👍

I’ll keep you posted!

xoxo, JoyLynn


Rain and Reading

So I have a really fun dinner or picnic recipe that I will be posting a little later this week, I debated posting it today but today I a lovely cozy rainy day here in Oregon and that of course calls for no TV, no music, and nothing bright (other than my lipstick later, maybe), only a big cup of coffee, a book I want to finish before the end of the month and information about sewing (my new crafty hobby). Today shall be a thoughtful day full of learning and quiet.

I really do love Oregon.Oregon rain