So as you can see from my home page I just got married, and a wonderful thing about getting married (besides spending the rest of my life with my very best friends) is all of the wonderful gifts. One gift in particular I am super excited about and have been enjoying ever since I got it last week, a PINK professional KitchenAid stand mixer with all of the fun attachments like the dough hook, whisk, paddle, and the pour spout/shield. Not gonna lie when the UPS guy showed up with my mixer I almost hugged him, instead I promptly unwrapped this amazing thing and baked 5 dozen cookies for my husbands work.

Also due to this new and wonderful toy I’ve been researching recipes like there is no tomorrow, mostly baking but other recipes for my other wonderful wedding/ cooking toys (waffle iron, Cuisinart hand blender, bread machine, Hamilton crock pot, and kitchenAid purple hand mixer).  So I thought that I might start tracking these adventures more regularly.

So here’s to adventures!

♥ JoyLynn


One thought on “Cooking

  1. Hey Joy.

    Its Simon. How are you? I just found your website. I read it and thought it is creative. Hope everything is good in your life. Hope to hear from you soon


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