Sometimes the beginning of the work week can be mentally hard. Co-workers can be difficult (or crazy) and managers/ owners can be overly intense making the work environment emotionally/ mentally/ physically rough. But the key to moving past the work place crazy is not making that your main focus. So here are my tools for learning how to handle Monday’s (and all that come with them) better.

TED Talks – Work Happier

The Power of Habit

You are in control of how you feel and the choices you make in the situations and circumstances you are in. You can conquer Monday, and make today AWESOME. Someone else may be grumpy or have a sour attitude but that is not you. You can choose to be happy and strengthen your self control/ resolve. Today is going to be great πŸ™‚ You are loved and cared for.

xoxo, JoyLynn



This morning I am happy for what I accomplished this past September and the journey this one goal really sent me on. My health and body have NEVER been better. I no longer “need” coffee to function or start my day and my body no longer hurts (unless I’ve had a really good workout πŸ˜‰). I’m excited to keep going on this journey and look forward to more victories both scale and non-scaleπŸ‘

I’ll keep you posted!

xoxo, JoyLynn

Mothers Day Bunch, pt. 1


So Mothers Day was this past Sunday and we had my mom and dad over for brunch where we made bacon, hash browns, and WAFFLES!! But this time I used my normal recipe that I have adopted for gluten free. The best part about this recipe is that it’s sourdough(ish)!!! It’s also wonderful for making what me and my husband fondly call “man cakes”, they are bacon strips cooked and then pancake batter poured over it embedding the bacon into the pancake. I’ll post pictures of that the next time we make those πŸ™‚




So I am very lucky to have wonderful friends and one of my oldest and dearest friends happens to raise chickens. The last time I was at her house trying to leave, after a wonderful afternoon, one of the chickens tried to attack me while getting into my car! Β Luckily I have amazing chicken wrangling skills and no one involved was hurt πŸ™‚ Anyway these are some of the eggs my dear friend gave me on Wednesday, and today they are being used to make waffles!


Best wishes,