Keep Pushing!

I still can’t believe at moments that I reached such a big goal. The more I think about it the more I get excited.  This has not always been the case. Back in high school and even college, I would start losing weight and getting healthy only to be derailed by physical set backs and my own mental blocks. I would fall into the old trap of “I’ve been so good lately, it’s OK if I slide for a little bit” or one the biggest lies “It’s the holidays, I can’t say no, their feelings would be hurt” and last but not least “I accomplished something so I deserve a treat!” . That last one in its self is not bad, but it can be a trap when your “treats” are really keeping you from your goals. My treats were always sugary and fatty. I would treat myself with coffee drinks, baked goods, and other not-so-good things. Then a week later I would be thinking “what just happened, I had progress where did it go?!?”. Oddly enough this bad habit didn’t come to light until one day scrolling through Pinterest and found a meme :Do not reward yourself with foodIn that moment I knew I needed to make a change and stop this cycle of 2 steps forward and 1-3 steps back. I was wrecking my body and my heart to the core. So yesterday, after having THE BEST test results from my annual exam, I got a treat. A manicure! I love having my nails done and feeling pampered, PLUS it’s a great healthy alternative to destructive food.

What do you reward yourself with? Is it something you can be proud of a moment from now or something you’ll have to go work off later or feel guilty about?

The truth is you can do this! You can get control over your health and body, but it happens in an instant, in a heart beat. When something says “NO MORE!” and in your heart you know you can’t keep doing this for one more week, “till next Monday”, one more hour, one more minute! That initial change starts in your heart, in an instant. As you start your journey you may fail at times but that in NOT an excuse to keep failing, or to fall back into old habits. Get up. Dust yourself off and feel that resolve in your heart when you made that decision and keep pushing forward! The only person who can stop you is YOU.

xoxo, JoyLynn


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