New List of Things Todo

So now that I am married I am going to make a list of things that I would like to do.

  • Rework the budget since the raise √
  • Be more consistent on weekly meal planning
  • Pick a day for cooking
  • Make a schedule for cleaning
  • Find a new church √
  • Meet with Sarah and Steph every other week or so √
  • Go out with Husband every other week √
  • Find fun things to go out and do with Husband each week √
  • Try a cycling class at the gym
  • Get new glasses
  • Get wisdom teeth out
  • Buy tickets for Thanksgiving  We are driving
  • Start gift planning for Christmas √
  • Make wreaths for the coming seasons
  • Make peacock paintings
  • Make pillows
  • Work on wedding scrapbook
  • Organize kitchen √
  • Find community to connect with √

So once I have completed the things I will come back and cross them off 🙂 I have also been playing with gluten free baking more and will hopefully update you with what I find, cause it’s not always as simple or easy as one would think.

Anyway, married life is going well and I am a happy wife 🙂



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