A New Life


There have been a lot of changes since the last time that I posted anything. One big change is that I am getting married! And I cannot express how happy I am to be spending the rest of my life with this man and build a home with him 🙂 The odd thing is, as excited as I am to be getting married I am finding that it’s changed a lot of my relationships, some have gotten better and others have almost dissolved completely. I was living with some of those dissolving relationships and began to lose my joy because the people around me were not very happy or supportive of this new change in my life. I began to feel oppressed … But today something clicked, my roommates have moved out in an interesting but good chain of events (that almost left me homeless) and me and my fiance have decided to change churches after nearly 2+ months of prayer, consideration, and seeking advise and wisdom from many different people/places. We were originally waiting to make this change after we were married but honestly I can’t. It’s like putting a big sticky band-aid on the hairiest part of your body then being told you have to wait a month to rip it off, an odd analogy I know, but hopefully you get the picture : ) So we will be sending the pastors a letter, we’re not mad or leaving under distress it’s just that we are needing a place were we are able to be fed and grow spiritually as individuals and as a couple.  We still love and wish everyone there the best 🙂

So now that weight has been lifted I feel like I can be excited again 🙂 Like getting our home in order and decorated. I feel like my joy is being restored praise God. Also I’ve started reading these books, one is called Love Your God With All Your Mind, and the other is called The Case For Christ. Both have been really encouraging and good. They focus on something called the apologetics and I realized that is a foundation that I have been missing, these books have also reminded me how much I love learning and testing new things.

Anyway, I am off to go make sure my man is feeling better (mono, ick), and staying rested 🙂 I love him so much! Thank goodness only 3o some-odd days till we are married!!



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