Quick (GF) Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was having a sweet craving and since I was already in an old school comfort food mood I decided to round out the day with some Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. I did this by going to my local super market (Safeway) and grabbing a box of Betty Crocker GF Chocolate Chip Cookie mix. However, I did add a few of


my own things since the particular GF mix (and most GF pre mixes for that matter) have a tendency to be a little dry. So this is what I did to combat that:

    • Add a little more Vanilla Extract (about double what it says on the box)
  • Add a pinch of Xanthan gum (I have started to do this more and more even with GF bread mixes) This just helps the mix to stay moist and not obtain
    the consistency of peanut butter that has been left out for several days(gross).
  • I also like to use to Crisco Backing Sticks in butter flavor


  • For size consistency I like to use a small  ice cream scoop


  • Iuse a fork to mix the cookiesbecause there is not a lot of liquid to work with outside of the 1 egg and vanilla extract so you have to work the butter with
  • the fork into the mix against the side of your mixing bowl OR use a mixer either one 🙂

Anyway this is just something quick for those of use who may not have a stock pile of Bob’s Red Mill or a ton of time to fidget with what
can seem like 5 different GF baking flours. Hope you enjoy this quick (GF) classic
Best Wishes,









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