Mac and Cheese

Today has been one of those days that requires rest. Everyone around me has been getting sick so I have been sucking down airborne, Echinacea tea, and Kombucha tea. So today as I was walking through Whole Foods I started thinking of some old school comfort foods and how I miss them, like Mac and Cheese, and as they would have it Whole Foods had some by a local organic food company called Annie’s.

So I grabbed the Gluten Free Mac and cheese creamy deluxeand some Gluten Free quinoa shell pasta by Ancient Harvest. I also grabbed a couple of different Gluten Free beers just to try (as I know little to nothing about beer especially GF beer) and so tonight I decided to pair my dinner with the New Grist Beer, and I have to say that really enjoyed it. New Grist was not to dark or strong so it didn’t over power the main dish but rather complimented it.

The Making Of The Dish-

  • I decided to make a few adjustments one being that I didn’t use the GF past that came in the Annie’s kit I use the GF Ancient Harvest shell pasta which cooks differentially I found out. You have to let it cook longer then it says on the side of the box (closer to 15 min. compared to the recommended 6-10 min.) and cover it while it cooks.
  • TIP #1: Before you put to pasta in to cook add a couple of teaspoons of oil and salt to the water. It helps your pasta not to stick to a) the pan/pot and b) its self when you drain it.
  • After the pasta was cooked I added the creamy cheese sauce that came with the Annie’s Mac and Cheese and then plated it, and since I wanted something a bit more hardy I decided to add some roasted chicken breast and cherry tomatoes from the garden on top 🙂
  • TIP #2: If you’re not a big cherry tomato fan due to the texture (like myself) you can cut the tomato
    in half, that way you still get the amazing sweet flavor without the weird burst/ texture.

Once everything was done being plated I  was finally able to sit and enjoy my amazing pasta dish and beer 🙂  Hope you all are having a great day!
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