Study. Books and Nature

So it is a beautiful blustery Saturday here in Oregon, you know one of those hollywood grey dry days where, what is left of the leaves from fall blow and skitter around the windows outside and the trees bend and move with the wind in some sort of contemporary dance.  It reminds me of childhood and fills me with the desire to just sit and stare out the window and day dream.

However, I am a college student in charge of two different group projects for two different classes, and after taking a year off from school it’s really hard to get back into it. On days like this with the amount of work that I have to do I feel as though I have ADD or something close to it, but I know that as soon as Sunday gets here the day will fly by and then it will be ten ‘o’ clock at night exhausted with the same amount of work to do that I have today. I wish that there was a switch I could flip and just focus on my work and get it done…

Alright I am off to finish at least one class today, and then I think I will fall asleep reading accounting prepping for a quiz and test this week. Wish me luck!



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