Say a Little Prayer For Me..

Tonight was wonderful myself and three other amazing women gathered for the all important “Girls Night”, where we watched Hello Dolly and then later enjoyed some of the best gelato we’ve ever had [thanks to Todd who was kind enough to drop it off]. It was lovely 🙂

However about 20 minutes before the gelato arrived, as I was sitting enjoying the movie my mind began to wonder to the things not yet done…See I am currently heading up part of a large community event picking up where some wonderful people left off. And also not to be forgotten my regular job which keeps me busy even on my days off [oh the joys of having your work phone and personal phone on the same number :/ ] Anyway as I sat there my mind wondering I began to feel a bit overwhelmed, I have people I have to call the walk through and layout changes that need to be updated once more, but one more thought breezed in and a quiet voice whispered “pray”. So I did.

I left the movie, went downstairs and prayed in front of the lit fireplace, and I have to say that it helped. I don’t feel so overwhelmed, part of me almost seems surprised by this but in reality I shouldn’t be, it’s not like prayer hasn’t worked before and in all honesty it’s helped and worked more times than not. I think that sometimes I forget just how much that simple act of praying about something and giving it to God works.

So tonight before I put myself to bed I would just encourage you to pray. It doesn’t have to be anything really intense, or even thought out only heartfelt. Whatever it is that you maybe thinking about when your mind wonders, whatever maybe overwhelming you just pray and God will deliver you, He’s done it for me 🙂

Sincerely yours,



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